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Nonagon Audio-Visual show

Project title: NONAGON audio-visual show
Artists:  Jem the Misfit and Paula Temple
Details:  Live audio-visual show, specifically created audio and visuals for fully live 55min AV show.
Project Premier: 17th October 2014 Amsterdam Dance Event, the EYE, Amsterdam.
Nonagon is an audio visual journey of 9 parts exploring hybridity that blurs the borders between experimental and dance music. Combining processes of distortion, reshaping and transformation Paula Temple and Jem the Misfit have worked collaboratively to create immersive, imaginary spaces out of the ordinary and familiar. Featuring music exclusive to the show, new music on Noise Manifesto and reinterpretations of her remixes, Temple constructs a sonic journey through post-industrial techno, apocalyptic soundscapes and absorbing melodies. Moving away from singular interpretations, Nonagon moves towards a multiplicity of sound, environment, surface and form.

Nonagon Performance Premier:

Process images:

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