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Sculptural Video Mapping for Symbiont Music

Project title: REBEL – a Symbiont Music party

Artist:  Jem the Misfit in collaboration with Symbiont Music Team

Details:  Stage/sculptural design, 3D mapping and live visual performance.

Venue:  Ritter Butzke, Berlin, Germany.

I was approached by Symbiont music to create a video mapping installation and performance for their REBEL party.  Symbiont is known for their emphasis on the total experience at their parties, transforming the club into a wonderland within which people can loose themselves and continue to find new experiences throughout the night. 
For Rebel I designed a sculptural stage backdrop, constructed from varying sized tetrahedrons. Bespoke 3D visuals were created for the sculpture, then using video mapping with Madmapper these visuals were projected onto the sculpture and using REsolume Vj software I was able to perform multiple variations of the visuals live throughout the night. Thanks to Symbiont for being such a great team to work with in making this project come to life.

For more information about Symbiont Music go to http://symbiont-music.com/


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