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® MIRAx16 ®


Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain.

For the MIRA festival 2016 ® MIRAx16 ®  I had the honour to close out the festival along side DJ Job Jobse.  With its huge, long format screen and amazing crowd energy, this was one of my favourite festivals for 2016.  MIRA is a digital arts festival focused on the intersection between electronic music and live visuals, this year expanding to include Dome performances, a digital gallery and multiple installations.

For MIRA I created a custom visual performance, specifically for their 15m, unusually wide, wide format screen.  My signature crystalline forms, abstract landscapes and 3D geometry were all in there for the live performance.  I use Resolume Vj software to create and send live visual content through the geodesic forms which are created in Mad Mapper.  Allowing me to generate unique, 3D like, structures with ever changing textures and colours and to create compositions that use the full expanse of the screen in interesting ways.


MIRA also invited me to submit video and photographic pieces for their first digital gallery.  A ‘white cube’ gallery style exhibition to showcase the work of the visuals artists whose work is generally seen as live performance.  My video piece Stable Clusters, 2015 and a new photographic series polyvynil chloride, 2016 were selected for the show and exhibited with work by: Florence To, Dave Gaskarth and Boldtron among others.

MIRA Gallery_jemthemisfit


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