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The Secrets of the Universe // collaborating with Simonne Jones

Simonne Jones platoon

Simonne Jones is a super talented woman.  Artist, scientist and all round musician her work is born from an incredible curiosity in all things.  This inquisitive nature has lead her to playing 10+ instruments and the role of ‘Death’ in the Jeder Mann theatre show, creating a rearrangement of her songs for ORSO – the Rock Symphony Orchestra and creating interactive paintings incorporating depth sensors and LED’s for her artist residency at Platoon, titled ‘The Secrets of the Universe’.  It is on this last project that I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Simonne. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating projections for installation and live performance around the dense scientific themes embedded in The Secrets of the Universe’.  And am excited that this collaboration has developed into producing visuals for Simonne’s live show, which we performed recently at Theatre am Goetheplatz in Bremen and will be taking to Bordeaux next weekend.

You can find notes and images about my approach to this collaboration and the production of the visual material here.

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