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Stereosonic Tour video up!

Finally I have had time off from gigs to sit down and do some editing on a couple of projects that have been on the back burner.
Still on the go is all my footage from a recent trip to Thailand which I am putting together in a short travel vid. But finally finished is the Stereosonic Tour video! This clip is a mix of footage shot at the four tour stops around Australia; Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. I was in charge of the visuals for the Kabuki stage which was predominantly trance music and had a challenging diamond + rectangle screen configuration to work with.  This configuration ended up being slightly different for each show which definitely kept me on my toes and threw up a few challenges. Although initially difficult to work with, the screen set up looked awesome at every event and was well worth the effort that went into designing visuals specifically for the diamond screen.  The touring Dj’s on my stage were: Dash Berlin, Jochen Miller, BT- Live, Arty, MaRLo, Myon and Shane54 plus some great locals from each city.

This tour was definitely my highlight for 2011; crew were great, DJ’s were awesome and the crowd had an amazing energy at every event! I hope the video captures some of that vibe! Check it here: Stereosonic 2011

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