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Sound Affects Exhibition

Immersive multimedia installation at Sonos Studio, Los Angeles.

At the end of last year I was head down creating visual wonders for the “Sound Affects” installation at Sonos Studio ahead of the opening event on 17th December.   Curator Megan Steinman invited me to collaborate with Los Angeles based architecture firm PATTERNS and sound designer Jon Bernson to create an immersive installation, facilitating mood transformations throughout the gallery.  Although the main intention of the exhibition was to explore the transformational possibilities of sound, we worked to enhance this process by exploring the interaction of sound with the spatial, textural and visual.  The outcome was 3 distinct environments, each with its own visual, structural and aural characteristics, inviting visitors to have a unique engage with each space.

Insomiac writes about the show as an exhibition that “totally gives you feels” here >

And Sonos has produced this beautiful video detailing the exhibition and the collaborators different approaches to the installation.

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