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New collaboration with Abstraxion on its way!

Abtraxion and Jem the Misfit

I am very excited about the release of Abstraxion‘s upcoming single ‘Spazieren‘ (out 12.09.16 and premiered on Deep House Amsterdam) as it means we are getting closer to the release of his upcoming album ‘She Thought She Would Last Forever’ out in October AND to the tour of a new Abstraxion live AV show!!

After months of production work, Abstraxion and I spent a week working together in a residency at Cabaret Aleatoire in Abstraxion’s hometown, Marseille.  During this week we developed the connections between audio, visual and lighting, refining and rehearsing the show in preparation for the first performance on 3rd June – also at Cabaret Aleatoire – and for the album tour to come later this year.  It was a great experience working so closely with Abstraxion on this project and I can’t wait for the show tour to start!

You can check out the teaser video here and keep a look out for the upcoming album from Abstraxion and tour dates of the AV show in late 2016!



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