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Mystery, Magic and the Love Family


Summer is always busy with festivals but what has been exciting this year is the huge range of music, art and style of festival I have already experienced.

Late May / early June I took my “Mystery is What Holds Us Together” audio-visual performance to Italy for LPM in Rome and Digital Pride in Lecce.  Both are audio-visual arts oriented festivals and showcase a wide range of work from AV performance, generative art, analog everything, interactive this and that, mapping and VJing.  This was my first solo AV performance and it gave me such a rush to perform the piece out in a public forum for the first time.  Check out the video of these first outings of the “Mystery is What Holds Us Together” show.

Next up was Fusion festival in Lärz just a couple of hours drive north of Berlin. Held at a former military airport complete with grass covered hangars, Fusion creates a magical world for the 40,000 or so festival goers to escape reality for the 6 days of the festival.  For me this really was a magical experience and it was a privilege to be able to add a little of my own magic on the Friday night experimenting with crystalline shapes and playing with an audience who were more than willing to interact with the visuals.  Photos of my work at the Kino Hangar and on the Theatre screen here.

And finally to top it all off, ridiculous amounts of sunshine and techno at Love Family Park in Hanau – what more could I ask for??  Well add to that creating visuals and performing with the one and only Sven Väth, plus once again crafting the visual show for Loco Dice and it becomes a pretty awesome day!  Some incredible moments in the closing hours of Sven’s epic 7 hour set as the sun set spectacularly over the main stage crowd.  Check out the photo’s here.

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