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This month the Mapping Festival is on in Geneva. Think “light and sound combined to create pure wonder!  Unfortunately I can’t be there so have been living vicariously through the web and finding some amazing examples of mapping.  Below are some examples including an installation by the group AntiVJ, a fun one by Melbourne group ENESS created for the Premiere of Tron Legacy (for those of you who like skateboarding and video games this will blow your mind!).  And finally a music video from Mille – such a beautiful use of video mapping!  After getting very excited about these projects and many many more I decided to give mapping a go.  Pendant is my first try with creating a surface and mapping video to it (and yes I have a small obsession with triangles and geometric patterns!)


AntiVJ presents: 3Destruct from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.

AntiVJ is a visual label

Installation by Lego_man / creacomposite


MILLI – Crysteena


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