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Mapping Festival 2013

In May 2013 I was an invited performer at the Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland.  Mapping festival is now in its  9th year  and is an internationally recognised festival in the field of video, audio and deviant electronic arts.  For this event I launched a ongoing series of performances titled “Journeys”.  In its current form Journeys is a multi-channel video performance loosely based on recent travel experiences and personal journeys that have developed over the past year. Using live video performance software Resolume and mapping software MadMapper footage of clouds, moss, light and water are transformed into glistening geodesic structures and fantastical landscapes.

‘Journeys I’ was performed live on a multiscreen set up at the Founderie Kugler with music from Dj Dub and DJ Pete aka Substance.

All content created and performed live by Jem the Misfit.

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