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Etcht // Collaboration

Modu1 from Etcht Records on Vimeo.

Modu1 by Consequence taken from the Etcht EP001. Video produced by Jem the Misfit.

Modu1  is the first video in an ongoing collaboration between Jem the Misfit and Etcht.
In their words “Etcht is a sound design house and record label. With strong international ties to artists and labels, Etcht brings a diverse selection of artists from different countries and backgrounds.  The ethos of Etcht is to keep audio exciting and original by developing new techniques in production and execution.”

Etcht was founded by Cam McLaren aka Consequence in 2013 and I have been producing video’s for the first round of EP’s and helping to develop a visual style for the label.

For Modu1 I experimented with a range of live performance tools including Resolume and Madmapper.  Through this experimentation I created a new process for content creation. Modu1 was created by mixing bespoke visuals live from Resolume which run through a series of masks in Madmapper to “fracture” the image.  This output was then recorded and re “performed” and then tweaked in post production to match it perfectly with the music.

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