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Abstraxion – An Error Occurred (Official Music Video)

Project title: An Error Occurred – Abstraxion Music Video
Project date: October 2016
Artists: Art Direction and Animation by Jem the Misfit, Audio by Abstraxion.
Project description:

This is the official music video created for Abstraxion’s new single ‘An Error Occurred’ out on his latest album ‘She Thought She Would Last Forever’.  After creating the visuals for his full live show, Abstraxion approached me to turn one section of the visuals into an official music video for the single from his album ‘An Error Occurred’.  Although the process of creating content for a music video is somewhat different to creating video for live VJ performance, I found the process an exciting challenge and that actually the basic elements for a music video were already there.

Using Blender 3D  software I created  two abstract worlds that pulse and vibrate as they accumulate energy, one building up a magnetic force that draws everything in towards it forming a intense, pulsing sphere. It builds until the tension is so strong that all elements from both worlds are flung together, merging in a sphere of energy.





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