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Jemma Woolmore aka Jem the Misfit is a Berlin based video artist.  

Merging digital content with handmade sculptural objects Jemma blurs the boundaries between real and virtual, exploring abstract textural landscapes that fluctuate ambiguously in scale between the micro and macro.
Her work spans Audio-Visual performance, video installation and bespoke visual design. Processes of light refraction, crystallisation and liquid phase changes, combine with quotidian materials, transforming into fantastical environments.

Jemma’s recent collaborations include the Nonagon AV show with musician Paula Temple, Artist in Residence at Les Dominicains with Andre Uhl, video mapping installation ‘Sound Affects’ at Sonos Studio LA with PATTERNS Architects and musician Jon Bernson and the live AV show with french artist Abstraxion.

Her work has been shown internationally including at:
Mapping festival (CH), MIRA (ES), Convergence festival (UK), Sonos Studio (USA), Berlin’s Krake festival and Mutek Mexico.


For bookings contact mato[at]figurethird.com

Festival performances include: Mapping Festival (CH), ADE (NL), Convergence (UK), Krake (DE), I Love Techno (BE), Electric Daisy Carnival (USA), Time Warp (DE) and (NL), Love Family Park (DE), NAME festival (FR), CTM (DE), Fusion (DE), Creamfields (AU), Stereosonic (AU), Future Music (AU), Mapping festival (CH), Summadayze (AU), Parklife (AU), Big Day Out (AU), LPM (Rome) and Splore (NZ).




Selected Solo Exhibitions/Performances

2016  MIRA festival, Barcelona, Spain.

2016 Ata, Sculptural installation at List i Ljosi festival, Iceland.

2015 Nonagon AV with Paula Temple, Mutek, Mexico.

2015 Hybrid AV tour with Paula Temple, Les Ardentes, Belgium.

2015 Creatures AV show, Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland

2015 Nonagon AV with Paula Temple, She Makes Noise, Madrid, Spain.

2015 Hybrid AV tour with Paula Temple, Convergence, London, England.

2014 Nonagon AV with Paula Temple, ADE, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2014 Hybrid AV tour with Paula Temple, Mira festival, Barcelona, Spain.

2014 Hybrid AV tour with Paula Temple, I Love Techno, Ghent ,Belgium.

2014 Hybrid AV tour with Paula Temple, Krake festival, Berlin, Germany

2014 Creatures AV, with Andre Uhl, Unrender, Lehrtersiebzehn, Berlin, Germany.

2013 Rebel installation, 3D video mapped sculptural installation, Berlin, Germany

2013 “mystery is what holds us together”, AV performance, DOKfest Kassel, Germany

2013 Secrets of the Universe with Simonne Jones, Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany

2013 “mystery is what holds us together”, AV performance, Digital Pride, Lecce, Italy

2013 “mystery is what holds us together”, AV performance, Live Performers Meeting, Rome, Italy

2013 Mapping Festival, Live video Performance, Geneva, Switzerland.

2013 CTM, Live video performance, Berlin, Germany

2012 FEED art space, live performance, Berlin, Germany

2012 LPM, Rome, Italy

2010 Competing Bodies, project, ACCA Arkit Popup space, Melbourne.

2010 Competing Bodies,  Horse Bazaar, Melbourne.

2009 Conjuring Ideals, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Melbourne.

2009 Electundra (performance as Duotone) Loop, Melbourne

2009 Notes from the Underground, Federation Square, Melbourne.

2008 Intersect, Moving Image Centre, Auckland, New Zealand


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 ® MIRA x16 ® Digital gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2014 Sound Affects, Sonos Studio, Los Angeles, USA.

2013 REMAKE Festival, Video Mapping and Performance, Berlin, Germany.

2013 Illuminations of Wedding, Live video performance, Supermarkt, Berlin, Germany

2010 Competing Bodies, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne.

2006 Working title, (group show) Show Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2006 Freshfaced, (group Show) Bartley Nees Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2005/6 How to be a friend, Hirschfeld Gallery, Curated by Emma Bugden, Wellington, NZ

2005 Room 703, site specific installation, Citylife Hotel, Wellington, NZ

2005 Exposure, Massey University Graduate show, Wellington, NZ


Selected professional VJ experience

2016 Sonus Festival, Novalja, Croatia.

2016 Time Warp, Mannheim, Germany

2015 Time Warp, New York, USA

2015 Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas, USA

2015 We Are Fstvl, Upminster, England

2015 Time Warp, Mannheim, Germany

2014 Sonus Festival, Novalja, Croatia.

2014 Audioriver festival, Poland

2014 See You festival, Freiburg, Germany.

2014 Love Family Park, Hanau, Germany

2014 Time Warp 20 year edition, Mannheim, Germany

2014 Pacha, Sydney, Australia

2014 Future Music, Melbourne, Australia

2013/14 Time Warp, Utrecht, Holland

2013 Love Family Park, Hanua, Germany

2013 NAME festival, Lille, France

2013/14  Fusion festival, Germany

2013 Time Warp, Mannheim, Germany

2013 CTM, MusicMakers, Berlin, Germany

2012 Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland

2012 Future Music Festival, Melbourne, Australia.

2012 Summerdayze NYD, Melbourne, Australia.

2011 Stereosonic Australia tour, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane.

2010/12 Creamfields, Melbourne, Australia.

2010/12 Splore, Auckland, New Zealand.

2010/11/12 Big Day Out, Adelaide, Australia.



2016 Artist in Residence, Les Dominicains des Haute-Alsace, Guebwiller, France.

2012 Winner Mapping Festival International VJ competition, Geneva, Switzerland.

2012 LPM VJ Battle 3rd place, Rome, Italy.

2010 Melbourne City Council Young Artist Grant recipient.

2005 Massey Scholar, Scholarship awarded the top 5% of the Creative College, Massey University.



2016 Panel: AV interchange, Loop Music Conference, Berlin, Germany

2016 Guest Lecturer, Media Academy at North West Regional College in Derry, Northern Ireland.

2014/15/16 Guest Lecturer Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden.

2013 Panel: Digital Artists Transforming Space, Performance, and Creativity. REMAKE Festival, Berlin, Germany.

2013 Digital Pride, Italy. Artist Presentation and technical workshop.

2013 CTM, MusicMakers Hacklab Fellow, Berlin, Germany.

2012 Scope Sessions, Artist Presentation, Berlin, Germany.

2011 RMIT University School of Architecture and Design, Artist presentation, Melbourne, Australia

2010 Seventh Gallery, Artist Floor talk, Melbourne, Australia




Bachelor of Fine Art (First class honours), Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.